Guest Post by Fluffy: Wild Daydream – Another Sunny Day

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Hi, it’s me again. Fluffy the Cat. Sometimes when the Food Guy is busy he lets me write his log post and put it on the Winternet. Today the Food Guy has a pre-existing condition to touch up the paint on the outside of the house and then complain about his sore back, so I will write his log post.

Watching the Food Guy paint is slightly less entertaining than watching the paint dry, as he applies it at approximately one brush stroke per hour. The complaints about his sore back, however, can be educational. I have not learned any new words by listening to him complain about his back, but I have learned some creative ways of using the old words. Once he used the same word as a noun, verb, objective adjective, and adverb. In a single sentence.

Anyway, this log post is about ‘Another Sunny Day’ by Wild Daydream.

Humans are always looking for the sun, which is something that cats cannot understand. The Food Guy and the Food Lady will drive all the way to Galveztown Galveston to get some sun. Which is strange because the sun is here at our house and all the sun they need is in the back yard. And I think the sun at our house is the same sun that they have in Galveston. But it might be different in other states. I’ve heard that the California Sun is better than ours.

‘Another Sunny Day’ is about a cat who is sitting in the front window watching the people walk by on the street. And the cat imagines that the people are looking for the sun. And the cat thinks that if the people would just stay in one place, the sun would find them. Like when I sit in the bedroom window after breakfast it is dark outside, but if I wait long enough the sun will find me and make me warm.

A few weeks ago it snowed and it was very cold. But then the sun came out and it got even colder! I asked the Food Guy why the sun made the world colder, and he spouted some nonsense about high pressure systems and cold dry air. I think it means that humans should be careful when they look for the sun because if they find it they might freeze their fur off.

‘Another Sunny Day’ is the kind of song that cats enjoy. It is mostly a cue stick acoustic guitars which are cats’ favorite guitars. Wild Daydream has an interesting voice. The Food Guy said it reminds him of Dylan without the cigarettes. I have no idea what that means and I doubt if the Food Guy knows either.

‘Another Sunny Day’ does not make me want to hide under the bed. When I hear it I want to sit in the window and think about the house we used to live in where there were chipmunks in the columns on the front porch.

Wild Daydream lives in Arlington, Texas. The Food Guy showed me Arlington on a map. It is just a few inches from our home here in Houston, so maybe I will trot up to visit Wild Daydream some sunny afternoon. Someday someone is going to laugh at that joke. Okay I will let the Food Guy finish this.

Wild Daydream is a solo project of Simeon Williams. ‘Another Sunny Day’ is his SIXTH song of the day following ‘A Picture of You in a Picture of Me,’ ‘Stainless,’ ‘Lovely Lady Night,’ ‘Children of Allison,’ and ‘Good Company.’ He has also made multiple indirect appearances in these pages as the producer of songs by fellow Texan Cowboy Grizzly. The music of Wild Daydream is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music. And be sure to follow Wild Daydream on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Charles Norman is a writer and historian. Email: Or follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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