The Book About Jack Corbett and a Lot of Other Stuff – Part 1

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Baseball

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The Name on the Base

The Jack Corbett Hollywood Base appears today on every Major League Baseball diamond. Does a player ever look down at a base and think, “Jack Corbett? Who the heck was Jack Corbett?”

Chapter 1

Jack Corbett’s early days in Anderson, Indiana. He broke into minor league baseball — briefly — in 1906 when he was 18 years old.

Chapter 2
Cap Anson and His Great Bankruptcy-Inducing Semi-Pro Ballpark

Cap Anson’s semi-heroic 1907 effort to build Anson’s Park, the ballpark that was the home of Anson’s Colts.

Chapter 3

Jack Corbett’s 1907 season playing for the legendary Cap Anson as a member of Anson’s Colts.

Coming soon: Jack Corbett travels to the Deep South, and establishes himself as a minor league ballplayer in the bottom of baseball’s barrel.


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