The Gold Coast – All This Time

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Song of the Day

Every culture has an origin narrative, the story of how their people came to exist on this earth. The tales are passed from one generation to the next, vocally in cultures that do not have a written language. In my tribe the legend of Adam and Eve gained widespread currency.

These narratives evolved over thousands of years, perhaps over tens of thousands of years, in response to an inherent human need to explain our existence. Which means that in every culture, somewhere way back there at the dawn of inarticulate speech, when people were hairy and wore animal skins and probably didn’t smell very nice, someone turned to a companion and said How did we get here?

‘All This Time’ is the origin narrative of a musician or a band or maybe a band like The Gold Coast.

As a kid I couldn’t stand the silence
The quiet, it killed me
So I found something loud to fill the air
Started writing these songs
with all my friends

Started singing them to anyone
We don’t care if anyone cared

The final verse is a statement of Everlasting Life, the affirmation that the culture exists, has existed, always will exist.

We’ve been doing this shit for a long time
The best times of my life
And I’d be fucked if I gave it away
We’ve been doing this shit
for all our lives

It’s who we are
And it’s who we’ll always be

Amen. ‘All This Time’ is melodic punk with plenty of pop DNA in the bloodline. Replace the buzzsaw guitars with acoustics and we’d still have a great song. But buzz the buzzsaw does, to carve a powerful statement of past experience and future intent.

Based in Long Island, NY, The Gold Coast comprises Chris Pomponio (vocals, bass). Chuck McDermott (guitar, vocals), Frank Pomponio (guitar, vocals), and Nick Nassau (drums). ‘All This Time’ is from their new four-song EP, MMXX or 2020. Today’s track is The Gold Coast’s second Song of the Day. Last year we featured ‘You’re Not an Underdog.’ In that post we described The Gold Coast as a band worth watching, a sentiment that we continue to have.

The Gold Coast’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. And be sure to follow The Gold Coast on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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