The Gold Coast – You’re Not an Underdog

by | Sep 1, 2019 | Song of the Day

I have always been fond of the West African proverb: ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.’  — New York Governor Theodore Roosevelt in a letter to Henry L. Sprague

When it comes to presidents, fathers, and NFL owners, I prefer the strong silent type. I wish to hear from them infrequently, either after winning The Big Game or on those days when they are required to softly but firmly reassure us that everything is gonna be alright.

Lord knows what Teddy Roosevelt would make of our current US President, a man of indeterminate stick size who participates in the national pastime of tweeting every thought that pops into his head. Would Roosevelt have used Twitter? I think he would have been more of an Instagram Influencer, posting pictures of himself on the crest of San Juan Hill, gazing into the sunset from astride a noble stallion, his favorite filter transforming the black and white photograph into glorious color.

With ‘You’re Not an Underdog,’ The Gold Coast reminds us that, when it comes to Relationships – romantic as well as political – it is sometimes best to preserve whatever moral capital one possesses by not talking. You shouldn’t take it to Passive Aggressive levels (a former partner once socked me in the nose because I refused to talk about… oh hell, I don’t remember what I was refusing to talk about). But as Teddy Roosevelt implied, there can be expression in silence.

I know there’s something
There’s something you wanna say
But I open my mouth, get in the way
I always talk so much
And don’t say anything

While you sit there in silence
And it tells me everything

While ‘You’re Not an Underdog’ crashes through the door as pure punk, there’s an unexpected wistfulness in the words. One senses that these guys might have absorbed more Life than the average garage band. There is a musical maturity at play, also. Listen for the call-and-response lines leading into the chorus that offers some smoothly rough-hewn harmonies. The slash-and-burn architecture is tossed around 2:19, replaced by an anthemic instrumental that transforms a simple single into a mini-suite.

The Gold Coast comprises Chris Pomponio (vocals, bass), Nick Nassau (drums), Frank Pomponio (guitar), and Chuck McDermott (guitar). They describe themselves as ‘a four-piece punk band from Long Island. We love to quote movies, eat pizza, drink beer and debate endlessly which cover songs we want to play next.’ Though the members are all experienced musicians, The Gold Coast is a new combination. They have already gained some traction, playing live dates around Long Island. ‘You’re Not an Underdog’ is their first official release. This is a band worth watching.

The Gold Coast’s music is available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. And be sure to follow The Gold Coast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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