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by | May 9, 2019 | Song of the Day

This week the universe was gifted with a new Royal Baby. The kid is seventh in line of succession to the British throne. Which means that, if the Black Death makes a comeback and wipes out the six winners in front of him, or if he goes Old School on us and poisons their marmalade, he will become the ceremonial leader of our strongest only ally.

When I learned that the Spawn of Harghan had been dubbed Archie, my first thought was that it was a mistake. Prince Harry had said Arthur, but everyone heard Archie because those folks, you know, have trouble pronouncing their R’s.

My second thought, this one Tweetworthy, was that they should have named him Jughead. Fifty years from now, when he has his grandfather’s ears, everyone’s going to call him that anyway. That thought earned me a Pity Like from Caitlin Flanagan. When I write my memoir, the title will be Caitlin Flanagan Liked My Tweet.

So to honor Prince Archie, who has smashed the social mores of staid old England by being half American, we present our Song of the Day: theCatherines’ rollicking cover of ‘Jingle Jangle,’ the 1969 hit by the Archies. I wonder if The Prince Currently Known As Archie has that weird cross-hatch on the back of his head?

‘Jingle Jangle’ is the flip side to theCatherines’ new single, ‘Please don’t freak out while you drive my car.’ Based in Hamburg, theCatherines are Heiko Schneider’s ‘Jingle-jangle-fuzz-power-pop-LoFi-wallofsound-DIY-Home-Studio-Project.’ On ‘Jingle Jangle,’ Heiko is joined by Hanna and Leo who are, I suppose, the Reggie and Veronica of the Caths. Or Betty, depending on your taste.

This marks theCatherines’ ninth appearance in these virtual pages! They’ve scored seven songs of the day, and made our lists of Best Christmas Songs of 2018 and Favorite Songs of 2018. These accomplishments demonstrate what independent musicians can achieve if they send me free merch.

You can help support deserving independent musicians like theCatherines by visiting their Bandcamp page, listening to their songs, and downloading your favorite tracks. And be sure to follow theCatherines on Facebook and Instagram.

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