Blue Collar Romantics – Winter Seasons In My Mind

by | Mar 4, 2018 | Song of the Day

On February 16th, Reverb Raccoon and his thousands of loyal readers set out on a totally unrealistic and unattainable endeavor: to feature one song each day for 365 days. Thus far, we’ve managed to keep the string going for a bit over two weeks, even while getting married and going on a honeymoon. And in that time we’ve touched down all over the US, twice in Australia, in Austria, Belgium, and Glasgow (Scotland, not Kentucky). And today we find ourselves back in the United Kingdom, in Birmingham (England, not Alabama).

“Winter Seasons In My Mind” turned up in the Folk section of Bandcamp’s new arrivals. It is only minimally folky, with a mild flavor of Blowfish and an engaging Bruce Hornsby-ish piano.

The song is from the four-song EP of the same name. The pleasant problem here was selecting the best song. Any of the four tracks could have been the Song of the Day. I was especially fond of “Skin I’m In” with its harmonies and tasteful, unobtrusive banjo (the only kind of banjo that I can take, honestly). It was the piano that sold me on “Winter Seasons In My Mind.” There’s someone in there that knows how to play.

I don’t know anything about this band. There’s no bio on their Bandcamp page and nothing on their Facebook page but pictures. I didn’t turn up anything on iTunes or Spotify. But this obviously isn’t the guys’ first rodeo. The recording has the look and feel of experienced musicians who know their way around a studio.

So check out the Blue Collar Romantics on Bandcamp. And be sure to support independent musicians (especially the good ones) by buying and downloading a few tracks.

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