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In this circumstance, Plato tells us, the larger quantity of fire will weigh more, for it will be more difficult to drag the larger quantity away from the main body of the element to which it belongs. — Denis O’Brien, Theories of Weight in the Ancient World

Plato believed that a body journeying towards its native element was heavy, and that the direction in which the body traveled was down, or towards the opposite object’s center. Thus, we fall – downward – into Love, drawn inexorably to the other’s center of emotional mass. And while the falling part may seem easy – simply letting go of the self-anchor of ego – the eventual drawing away from the once-loved object requires a violation of laws both natural and unnatural.

Spectator’s ‘Weight’ describes a pairing of planets in orbit around each other, or around their combined emotional center. One sphere is summoning the courage to finally press the red button and launch outward, to gain the velocity needed to escape its opposite’s gravitational field. The singer asks only to delay the firing of the metaphysical missiles.

And if you leave don’t leave right now
And if you do take me somehow
I know you keep holding on…

‘Weight’ is a gentle wall of sound, ringing chords overlain by an understated vocal that could have arrived from the country side of the dial in an age when country was coupled with sincerity. The track is dream pop laced through with Midwestern sensibility, memorable music with melody as the main hook.

Spectator is Megan Rooney (vocals, keyboards) and Jeffrey Albert (guitar, vocals) of St. Louis. ‘Weight’ is from their newly-released eleven-track album, Charlie, Baby. They self-describe the album as reflecting ‘the lonely nights, the empty hearts seeking fulfillment, and the comforting feeling of holding on to memories even as they fade out of focus.’ Charlie, Baby appears on Nordic Records International, based in Oslo, Norway.

Spectator’s music is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Be sure to visit their website, and follow Spectator on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.

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