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by | Jul 4, 2018 | Guest Posts, Song of the Day

Hi, it’s me. Fluffy the cat. Sometimes I write a log post for the Food Guy and he puts it on the Winternet. The Food Guy said I should write the log post today because he’s taking a “holiday.” I’m not sure what he’s taking a holiday from because he really doesn’t do anything, but whatev (I learned “whatev” on Twitter). So I went on Bandcramp and found a good song to write about called “Neon Cross” by Cold Soda.

“Neon Cross” is about sitting in the window watching the people on the street and wondering where they are going. For some reason, every song I write about is about sitting in the window watching the people on the street and wondering where they are going. I think this song is also about wondering where you came from and how you got here. I don’t know about you, but I got here in a cardboard box after the Food Guy found me on the street when I was a kitten. I think maybe everyone got where they are in a cardboard box.

The Food Guy says that every log post has to include an Obscure Reference to a song or band that no one has ever heard of. The Food Guy says all music journalists do that to display their Encyclopedic Knowledge of Popular Music. Uh, okay, whatev. The Food Guy said I should write that Cold Soda sounds like a more soulful version of The Cave Singers. He seems to think that is a very clever thing to say because three of the guys in Cold Soda are in The Cave Singers. I don’t know anything about that. I just know that I like the guitars in “Neon Cross” and how there is lots of space between the notes. I like the singer, too. He sounds like he would be nice to cats and would take a kitten home in a cardboard box.

Cold Soda is Pete Quirk (vocals), Marty Lund (guitar), Jeff Alvarez (drums and vocals), and Derek Fudesco (bass). “Neon Cross” is from their new ablum, which is also called Cold Soda. What? Oh. ALBUM. I always get that wrong. The Food Guy says that when a band names an ablum – I mean album – after themselves it’s called eponymous and that I have to use that word in the review. So there, I used it. The band is from Seattle. The Food Guy found a map on the Winternet and showed me Seattle and our home in Houston. They are only a few inches apart, so maybe I will walk over to Seattle and visit Cold Soda later today. I use that joke in every log post and I will keep using it until someone laughs.

Now this is the part that the Food Guy puts at the end of every log post just before he puts it on the Winternet: You can support deserving independent musicians like Cold Soda by visiting their Bandcramp page, listening to their music, and downloading your favorite tracks. The Food Guy listened to every one of Cold Soda’s songs and only downloaded one. That isn’t because he didn’t like them, it’s because the Food Guy is – how to say this politely – very careful with his money. He paid $1.29 which, after all the Bandcramp and PrayPal fees, is something like 99 cents to Cold Soda. Wow, that should keep them in guitar strings at least until lunchtime. Which reminds me: it’s time for my mid-morning snack. OK, see ya.

Oh yeah. I’m supposed to say, “Follow Cold Soda on Facecrook.”


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