Honeycreeper – Vagina Tax

by | May 17, 2018 | Guest Posts, Song of the Day

Hi, everyone, this is Fluffy. The cat. Sometimes I write the Food Guy’s log post that he puts on the Winternet. Tonight he wanted me to write it because he said I might have “a better feel for the subject matter.” I’m not sure what that means. I think it means “the Food Guy is too lazy to write his log post so he made the cat do it.”

Our song for today is “Vagina Tax” by Honeycreeper. At first I didn’t know what this song was about. The Food Guy said he didn’t know either because he couldn’t understand all of the words. I think that is just an excuse. I think the Food Guy kinda knows what it’s about but he didn’t want to be accused of “mansplaining” it to the cat. Anyway, I went on the Winternet and found some of the words on Honeycreeper’s website

We’re not blonde, we’re not models
And we can sing a bit
You don’t have to like us
Because we don’t give a shit

Honeycreeper is four girl cats. And I think these girls cats are saying that they aren’t fancy purebred show cats, but they don’t care and they are going to claw the heck out of the sofa. And if you spray water on them they will just come right back and claw the sofa again. I think I like these girl cats.

When the Food Guy writes his log post, he always includes what he calls Obscure References. He is good at coming up with Obscure References because his head is full of Obscure Shit. So I asked him for a good Obscure Reference and he said, “The melody and guitar line sound like ‘I Melt with You’ by Modern English and the harmonies sound like The Partridge Family.” See, what did I tell you about his head being full of shit?

The four girl cats in Honeycreeper are Lisa Burner (guitar and vocals), Jessica Villegas (lead guitar), Kelsi Thrap (bass and vocals), and Lindsay Keast (drums and vocals). They are from Iowa. I don’t know where that is. The Food Guy said, “Just look for a place with lots of corn and that’ll be Iowa.” Sometimes I think the Food Guy is mentally ill.

“Vagina Tax” is from an EP (that stands for Extended Play) called Honeycreeper that will be released on June 1. I think everyone should go to Honeycreeper’s Bandcramp page and buy this EP. You get seven songs for only five dollars. The Food Guy is too cheap to buy the entire EP so he just bought “Vagina Tax.” Sometimes I am amazed that he actually feeds me Purina Pro Plan cat food and not some cheapass Little Friskies shit.

You can follow Honeycreeper on Facecrook, Tweeter, and Instantgram. I am sure they would enjoy getting to know you as long as you aren’t a weird stalker like the Food Guy.

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