Golden Teardrops – You’re Keeping Me Waiting

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Song of the Day

As my Grandmother always so poetically said, “There’s nothing wrong with a good pop song.” While some bands may shun my forebear’s ethos, Golden Teardrops embraces it, revels in it. Thus they deliver to us “You’re Keeping Me Waiting,” a sunny, unapologetic dollop of 60’s-infused pop.

“You’re Keeping Me Waiting” reveals snatches of The Association, Freddie and the Dreamers, Chicago… These guys are obviously serious students of retro-pop music (and, as Grandmother said, there’s nothing wrong with that). But it’s best not to play the Obscure Reference game; just sit back and enjoy the excellent music.

“You’re Keeping Me Waiting” is, I suppose, the B-side from Golden Teardrops’ new single, “For A Rainy Day.” But if you ask me (which nobody did but, on the other hand, this advice is free) “You’re Keeping Me Waiting” is the better song. While “For A Rainy Day” is more poppy, “You’re Keeping Me Waiting” is more soulful and will wear well over the long haul. I especially like the faux horns (I assume they are a keyboard) and the faux Hammond B-3 organ (surely no one actually hauls one of those dinosaurs around anymore).

Golden Teardrops are Ryan Marquez and Lei Marquez of Richmond, California. The duo is married, apparently ecstatically so judging from their music. Lei provides lead and harmony vocals, while Ryan plays guitar, bass, and keyboards. “You’re Keeping Me Waiting” and “For A Rainy Day” are from the 12-track album, Promises and Smiles, due for digital release May 23 on Emma’s House Records. You can pre-order the digital album on Bandcamp for the incredibly low price of only $3 (or more).

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And to learn more about the many fine releases from Emma’s House Records, visit them on their website and on Bandcamp, and follow Emma’s House Records on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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