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by | Apr 3, 2018 | Guest Posts, Song of the Day

Hi. This is Fluffy. The cat. Last week I wrote a log post about someone named Kid Chameleon and everyone on the Winternet liked it. Well, I don’t know if everyone liked it, but at least no one complained about it. People who complain about things on the Winternet are called “trolls.” I asked the Food Guy if I could write another log post and he said “Sure, why not, nobody reads this stuff, I might as well let the cat write it.” I think maybe the Food Guy needs to go back on his meds.

The Food Guy has been listening to the same song all afternoon. It’s a good song, and I wanted to write about it. The Food Guy said the song is “Making Breakfast” by FreeThinker. It is about when FreeThinker’s food person opens a can of cat food for them in the morning. The song makes my whiskers twitch, and as soon as it’s over I want to hear it again. But that may be because I like hearing a song about cat food. In fact, writing this makes me want to have some cat food. Just excuse me a moment. You can listen to the song while I check my food bowl.

OK I’m back. There wasn’t any food in my bowl. After I finish this log post I’m going to write a letter of complaint to the Food Guy. “Making Breakfast” is a “cover.” The Food Guy said that means someone else recorded it first. We found the original, which was by a group called Twin Peaks, and listened to it. I don’t like the original. The person singing sounds like a barking dog, and the guitars made the fur on my back stand up. I like FreeThinker’s version better. The guitars are clearer and the singer sounds like she is really excited about getting her cat food. The Food Guy said the singer is Molly Giessing and that she is very good. I think she is good, too. I bet her food person makes sure that she has food in her bowl.

“Making Breakfast” is from an EP called COVERS. An “EP” is like a food bowl that is half full. You eat what’s there and you want more. There are four songs on COVERS. You can download the EP and FreeThinker’s other songs from their Bandcramp page. If you download their songs, FreeThinker’s food person will be able to buy them cat food. The Food Guy gave them $1.29 for “Making Breakfast.” Oh wow, Food Guy, I bet they send you a gold-plated Thank You card. You can’t even buy a bowl of cheap-ass Little Friskies with that.

The Food Guy said that everyone should visit FreeThinker’s web site, and follow them on FaceplantYouTubInstantgram, Tweeter, and Soundclod.

OK that’s all I have. I hope I don’t get a troll.


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