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by | Aug 16, 2019 | Song of the Day

Charlie Brown: I’m lonely. I feel that no one really cares about me. How can I cure this loneliness?
Lucy: Get some friends! Five cents, please…
— Charles Schulz, Peanuts

Crank up the Wayback Machine, Mr. Peabody. Set the dial to a church retreat, eons ago in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee. One of the more advanced kids – maybe thirteen years old, advanced because he had a steady girlfriend – asked our chaperone, a really old guy in his mid-twenties, ‘How do you know when it’s time to get married?’

The chaperone, with the wisdom that arrives only in old age, replied, ‘I don’t know about the when. But the person you marry should be your best friend.’ That’s the only thing worth remembering that I ever carried home from any of those retreats (sorry, God). But, as I eventually and happily learned, that anonymous Ancient nailed it.

With ‘Pup Tent,’ David Schrader engages in the daydream of conjuring his soulmate, the Best Friend who likes listening to the rain and visiting the dusty record store that stocks the obscure single by that long-forgotten folkie, the one who sang about missionaries and confessions and irises and who made it all make sense for the space of an evening.

I’ll be your pup tent, I’ll be the low rent
Your psychiatric advice for five cents…

I’ll be your cat nap, the falling leaves that
Unlock a memory that brings it all back…

‘Pup Tent’ hits that wonderful sweet spot between folk, pop, and rock. Totally timeless, the song could have wafted from the speakers of a dorm room stereo tuned to WOKI in 1975. Or it could be performed next weekend in that bar across town, the one that books the really good indie bands. Listen as the track eases to life, then gently builds without breaking the restraints to close with perfect harmonies on the final chorus.

‘Pup Tent’ appears on David Schrader’s new three-song EP, As You Are, So I Am. Based in Nashville, David self-describes as ‘a typical Nashville native who played guitar in bands during high school and college, still shops religiously for alternative 80’s music, and grew up going to the Grand Ole Opry.’ ‘Pup Tent’ appears on his new three-song EP, As You Are, So I Am. David provides songwriting, vocals, and guitar, and is joined by David Woodard (guitars, bass, drums, harmonica, production and recording), and daughters Sophie Schrader (background vocals) and Isabelle Schrader (cover illustration and design).

David Schrader’s music is available for download on Bandcamp. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the music of David Woodward.

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