Facebook Makes Me Nervous

by | May 11, 2019 | Off the Wall

Facebook makes me nervous. I used Facebook for a while, and then I stopped using it. And when I started using it again, they had made a few updates. And, since then, I’ve always had the feeling that I’m doing something wrong.

I have these two Facebook pages and they’re both called Reverb Raccoon. One is my personal Reverb Raccoon page, which is supposed to be the page of an actual person named Reverb Raccoon. And then I’ve got this other page, my Reverb Raccoon business page. It’s the page with the call sign @reverb.raccoon and that’s the page I want to work in.

If I open a browser window in Chrome and type Facebook in the address line, the first thing that appears is…

Reverb Raccoon – Home – Facebook.com

If I click that, it takes me to the @reverb.raccoon page where I want to be. So that’s all good. Last year we were on a trip and I borrowed Diann’s laptop, to post links to a couple of my articles. When I posted the links, to features about Mike Herz and The Coffin Fits, I think they went onto my personal page.

I don’t want to investigate this too deeply. I’m afraid that I will get onto my personal page and never be able to get out or, worse yet, mess something up. As long as I keep a browser window open with my @reverb.raccoon page in it, everything works and I think I’m putting the links in the right place.

How I got here, with the two pages that I don’t understand, is the result of a conscious decision that I made in the past. I chose to stop using Facebook and I missed the updates.

I would hire someone to teach me how to use Facebook, but I’m afraid they would tell me I’m doing it wrong.

Since 2013, Reverb Raccoon has featured the best music from unknown and independent musicians. His interests include eating leftovers from the neighbor’s garbage can and watching The Royal Tenenbaums.  Email: reverb.raccoon@gmail.com

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