Holy Moly – Nostalgia, You’re Killing Me

by Jan 20, 2019Song of the Day

When we got home, I took the green glass epergne that belonged to Aunt Mildred off the sideboard and smashed it with a hammer. Then I dumped Grandmother’s sewing box into the ash can, burned a big hole in her lace tablecloth, and buried her pewter in the garden. Out they go – the Roman coins, the sea horse from Venice, and the Chinese fan. We can cherish nothing less than our random understanding of death and the earth-shaking love that draws us to one another.
– From “The Lowboy” by John Cheever

Cast back on yesterday’s relationship and mark its peak. Was it the late-night make out session in the parking lot behind the theater, the fireworks that erupted unexpectedly after the final ninth-inning out, or the week you spent camping out in the African wing of the public archives? Or did your coupling peak at its de-coupling, the morning you closed your eyes and rode into the sunrise, pausing at a crest, hoping but not hoping to hear “Shane!” echoing down the canyon. And as the days pass, do you glance into the rear-view mirror and see that memory shrinking into a pinpoint, or do you side-eye to the right and see the past clearly outlined above the inscription, “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

“Nostalgia, You’re Killing Me,” the new single from Holy Moly, details a relationship that peaked at the end of a midnight movie and that remains undead, no longer stalking the Earth, yet kept alive in the Horcruxes on which the singer has yet to swipe left: postcards from afar atop a stack of old magazines and a picture from your brother’s graduation. The track is a blast of emo pop adrenaline, melodically trashing guitars and crystal-clear vocals and harmonies carried by drums that perfectly frame and follow the song’s byways.

Holy Moly, self-describes as “a band from Mansfield, Pennsylvania composed of Blaine Neuhard and Steve Backenstoes. Fueled by frequent Sheetz runs, they love making fun, high-energy music to share with friends, both old and new… ‘Nostalgia, You’re Killing Me’ showcases their love for math rock and midwest emo and sets them up to comfortably expand into new musical territories while assuring fans their music will still be as fun and accessible as it always has.” The band has been around in some form since 2015. “Nostalgia, You’re Killing Me” is their first release in three years and the first under the Holy Moly name. Holy Moly has plans for several more releases in 2019, and we’re looking forward to an album somewhere down the line. And, if this track is a valid indicator, Holy Moly surely kicks ass live.

You can support deserving independent musicians like Holy Moly by visiting their Bandcamp page and downloading “Nostalgia, You’re Killing Me” and all of their future tracks. And be sure to follow Holy Moly on Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, and Instagram.

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