Atomic Cafe – Juniper (feat. Anamaya Shore)

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Guest Posts, Song of the Day

Hi, it’s me again. Fluffy the Cat. The Food Guy has a scheduling conflict today. He was supposed to write the log post this morning, but he was also booked to shovel compost in the back yard. So he said he would shovel the dirt and I could write the log post. I told him I would be happy to trade jobs but I don’t have opposable thumbs which makes it difficult to hold garden implements.

I went on Bandcramp and found a good song called “Juniper” by Atomic Cafe with help from Anamaya Shore. When the Food Guy writes his log post he does this thing called alliter-something where he uses words that start with the same letter. Like “Meow Meow Meow” would be that alliter-thingy. So I will say that “Juniper” is pretty pleasant pure pop. How’s that, Food Guy? What’s that? He’s out in the back yard so I’m not sure what he said. “Juniper” is a little bit folky and a little bit jazzy. I like it because the guys in the band don’t play too many notes and they don’t play them too loud. I especially like the piano player because he knows when not to play and the singer has a very nice voice. “Juniper” is about sitting in the front window and watching the people on the street and thinking about how I used to live on the street in a cardboard box but now I have a nice home and people who take care of me. All of the best songs are about sitting in the front window and watching the people on the street.

When the Food Guy writes his log post he usually puts an Obscure Reference after the Bandcramp thingy. He uses the Obscure Reference to show the world that he has spent way too much time listening to music and that he can be kind of a dick about it sometimes. My Obscure Reference for “Juniper” is that in the chorus when the singer says “I-I-I-I” it sounds like the part in Santana’s “Game of Love” where Michelle Branch sings “Whyyyy” and “Cryyyy.” What’s that, Food Guy? He came in to check on me and said the guitar line at the end sounds like Yes or maybe a bit like that song by Wilco about Germany. Thanks, Food Guy, but I think my Obscure Reference is better.

So that is my log post about “Juniper” by Atomic Cafe with help from Anamaya Shore. I like this song and I think you will like it too. You can support musicians like Atomic Cafe by visiting their Bandcramp page, listening to their songs, and downloading your favorite tracks. The Food Guy paid $1.33 for “Juniper” which isn’t very much and when Bandcramp and PenPal take their slice Atomic Cafe might have enough left to buy a can of cheapass Little Friskies at Walmart. So everyone needs to chip in and download their music so that Atomic Cafe and Anamaya Shore won’t have to live in a box on the street like I did.

And be sure to follow Atomic Cafe on FacecrookInstantgram, and Tweeter.

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