Nastos – F*cked Up

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Song of the Day

In “Fucked Up” we are asked, “Why do I always wanna get fucked up every night?” Well, that depends on your situation. You are probably self-medicating in reaction to unresolved personal issues, in which case you need to develop healthier coping mechanisms. Or you could be suffering from an extended period of psychosis. You should consult a mental health professional, who will probably prescribe massive doses of Seroquel supplemented by Abilify. Or it’s possible that you just like getting fucked up every night. If so, I guess you should just have at it. But don’t expect to hold down a job, or a relationship, for any meaningful length of time. OK, I’m glad we had this talk. What’s that? It was a rhetorical question? Oh. Well, never mind then…

“Fucked Up,” by Nastos, is an energetic swatch of dream pop full of echoey vocals and reverby guitars thrashing major chords. It’s one of those songs that you hear once and immediately hit the replay button. I especially like the half-shouted interjections in the third line of each verse. Listen for them.

Nastos, based in Milwaukee, is Nolan Truttschel (guitar and vocals), Andrea Hawthorne (bass and vocals), Michael Sambar (synths), and Aaron Truttschel (drums). “Fucked Up” is from their new 10-track album, Inherited Dreams. In a helpful Milwaukee Record review by Tyler Maas, we learned that the album’s release show will be held at Acme Records on Saturday, April 21 (Record Store Day), at 3 PM. If you’re in Milwaukee this weekend, be sure to catch the show.

You can support deserving independent musicians like Nastos by visiting their Bandcamp page, listening to their music, and downloading your favorite tracks. Besides “Fucked Up,” I recommend “Moron Boy” and “Ocelot.” And be sure to follow Nastos on Facebook. Act now and you can be among the first 50 people to “Like” them!

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