Kid Chameleon – Chasing Rain

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Guest Posts, Song of the Day

Hi. This is Fluffy. The cat. The Food Guy is busy working in his garden today, and he said I could write his log post if I wanted. I’m not sure what a log post is, but the Food Guy said don’t worry, just type it in and he’ll put it on the Winternet. So I looked on Bandcramp and found a nice song called “Chasing Rain” by Kid Chameleon.

Kid Chameleon is from Boston in Lincolnshire, England. The Food Guy said “What’s the difference between that Boston and our Boston? Theirs has fewer Irish.” I really don’t get that joke but the Food Guy thought it was very clever.

“Chasing Rain” is the perfect song for a Friday afternoon. The Food Guy opened the windows and I stretched out in one and watched the people on the street and listened to this song and enjoyed the nice day. The song starts with a soft guitar that sounds better than when the Food Guy plays his guitar. Then somebody starts singing, and then a keyboard plays a line that I remembered after the song was over. The Food Guy said that’s called a “hook.” I especially like it when more than one person sings. They are singing the same words, but on different notes and it sounds like what cats want the world to sound like. The Food Guy said it’s called “harmony” and he seems to think they are doing it very well.

“Chasing Rain” is from Kid Chameleon’s EP, Prelude To Blue. The Food Guy said if you have one song it’s called a “single” and if you have ten songs it’s called an “LP” and anything in between is called an “EP.” Prelude To Blue has six songs.

I don’t know anything about Kid Chameleon. There’s nothing about them on Bandcramp. The Food Guy said to Goober it, so I did and I found a video game and some other bands by that name. The Food Guy found the harmony singers on Instantgram but he’s what they call a “stalker.”

Kid Chameleon has lots of songs on their Bandcramp page that you can listen to and buy. The Food Guy bought “Chasing Rain,” which he seemed to think makes him some kind of hero. But I really don’t think the £1 he gave them will buy much cat food.

OK that’s all I have.


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