Morning Moth – When Are You Going to Break My Heart

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Song of the Day

“When Are You Going to Break My Heart” is our second Song of the Day from Morning Moth. The first, “Girl from Delaware,” is one of our favorites, a track we click on over and over.

Here at Reverb Raccoon, our unachievable goal is to tell a handful of people about some of the great songs that are floating around out there, one song each day for 365 days. The reward has come, not from the telling, but from the discovery. “Girl from Delaware” was one of those pleasurable discoveries. Yesterday we spent the morning discovering “Clarinets,” with lyrics written one hundred years ago by Ukrainian poet Pavlo Tychnya. And in the evening we were walking around the house listening to “When Are You Going to Break My Heart,” a wonderful slice of songwriting that we will be clicking on many times in the coming days.

“When Are You Going to Break My Heart” opens with a softly-strummed guitar, joined by mandolin and muted banjo. The instrumentation is more-or-less bluegrass, but the arrangement is understated, closer to the easy country rock of the early Eagles. Its charm is in the quiet, wistful vocal, unenhanced by harmonies. The recording is described on Bandcamp as a demo, and maybe the mandolin gets a bit ragged on the instrumental break, but we like track just as it is.

Morning Moth is Joe Kenny of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “When Are You Going to Break My Heart” is from his two-song EP, Looking out the Window (Driver’s Seat). His previous EP, which contains five songs including “Girl from Delaware,” has been renamed Looking out the Window (Passenger Seat). Together, the seven songs put Morning Moth about three tracks from a great album.

The two Looking out the Window EP’s are available for download on Morning Moth’s Bandcamp page. You can support deserving independent musicians like Morning Moth by listening to their music and downloading a few of your favorite tracks. And be sure to follow Morning Moth on Facebook. Then, when Morning Moth becomes famous, you can tell your friends, “I knew Morning Moth back when he only had 80 followers…”

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