Webster’s New World – I’d Spend All Day In Bed as Long as that Bed isn’t Yours

by | Mar 10, 2018 | Song of the Day

Every great song you’ve ever heard started out with somebody sitting around in their underwear noodling on a piano or guitar. Beethoven’s Fifth? That’s an underwear song if I ever heard one. Dude was sitting in front of his piano pissed off at his girlfriend because she “liked” one of Haydn’s Instagram posts, put his finger on E below middle C, and went dum dum dum DAHHH.

Why couldn’t Beethoven find his piano teacher? Because he was Haydn! Had to throw that in because it’s the most intellectual joke that I know. That joke kills in Ireland, believe me.

Musicians record these noodlings and later play them for their parents as proof that they’ve actually been working when they go begging for money to pay the next month’s rent. Musicians who become famous call the recordings “demos” and include them in boxed sets as an excuse to charge you $200 for songs that you already own.

Today’s song falls into the “Mom listen to this I am this close to turning it around” category. Just kidding. “I’d Spend All Day In Bed as Long as that Bed isn’t Yours” is a great song that has just poked its head up from the primordial ooze. It has everything we look for in a song: wistful shoe-gazing melody, a sentiment to which everyone can relate, and a nice hook played on what sounds like either a melodica or an old Casio keyboard. You just have to look beyond the these humble beginnings and imagine what it would sound like recorded in a studio with a proper band.

“I’d Spend All Day In Bed as Long as that Bed isn’t Yours” is from the album, Here’s Your Fucking Demo Tape, by Webster’s New World. On the album’s Bandcamp page, we learn that it was “recorded in my bedroom with a Tascam DR-40 handheld recorder” [no doubt while clad only in underwear] and that the artist gives a “shout-out to the past 8 years for giving me shit to write about.” The artist in question is Steven Thomas, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “Primarily a punk-emo musician,” we read on Webster’s New World’s Facebook page, “Steve started writing on his acoustic guitar more towards the end of his last band’s existence.”

I knew I had to write about Webster’s New World when I read the title of one of the album’s tracks, “3 Billion Yahoo! Accounts Were Hacked and I Hope They Read the Email You Used to Break Up with Me.” Yeah, this has underwear written all over it.

You can download Here’s Your Fucking Demo Tape and other releases by Webster’s New World from his Bandcamp page. Purchasing and downloading from Bandcamp helps support deserving independent musicians. Or, as Steven notes, you can “Download this to stroke my ego.”

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