Mademoiselle Nineteen – Je t’aime aujourd’hui

by | Mar 3, 2018 | Song of the Day

Today Reverb Raccoon’s journey through the world of music, with daily stops at the best songs of which you’ve never heard (along with some of which you have) brings us to Liège, Belgium, a city which I’ve had the pleasure to visit.

“Je t’aime aujourd’hui” (“I love you today”) is a blast of pure yéyé lipstick pop. Juliette Wathieu’s vocal over the driving horns makes the song an instant classic, with a feel that could be rooted in past decades but that still tastes fresh today.

Written by guitarists Alex Gavaghan and Marc Wathieu, “Je t’aime aujourd’hui” is presented by someone who perhaps swipes right on Tinder a bit too often. She’s been with Buster, Jeremy, Charlie, Henry, Thimothy, Tommy, Jerry, and Johnny. And those are just the ones she’s willing to tell you about. I wouldn’t plan for a long-term relationship with this person as she tells us, “I love you today, for life, but tomorrow I forget you.”

“Je t’aime aujourd’hui” is from the album Liverpool. Full disclosure: I paused at this album while browsing new arrivals on Bandcamp because I liked the cat on the cover. These black-and-white cats are iconic in Belgium. You see them everywhere, in toy stores, on clothing, on anything and everything. I picked up an alarm clock with a black-and-white cat on its face.

You can stream (and buy) Mademoiselle Nineteen’s music on their webpage. And be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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