Kathleen Smith – Love Superstar

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Song of the Day

Kathleen Smith is a writer and singer of timeless, classic love songs. Her songs could have been sung seventy years ago, and may be sung seventy years from now. That is why, in our Wedding Reception Playlist, we slotted “Love Superstar” right after songs by Margaret Whiting, Karen Carpenter, and Sara Vaughn, and just before Ronnie Spector.

Given that the folks at Reverb Raccoon were married on Saturday and are currently on our honeymoon, we really aren’t up for that whole business of describing a song in infinite detail with obscure references to singers and songs of which no one has ever heard. Besides, that whole making-of-obscure-references thing is just a ploy by nerdy rock journalists to impress women and (it is to be hoped) get laid. And since I’ve got that bit covered, being on my honeymoon and all, I can cast aside the obscure references and just say “Enjoy this song.”

“Love Superstar,” and other songs by Kathleen Smith, are available on her Bandcamp page. You can learn more about Kathleen and her music by visiting her webpage or her Facebook page, following her on Twitter and Instagram, and viewing her videos on YouTube.

Bonus Song of the Day: Sweet Tune by Kathleen Smith. Enjoy!

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